Our Community Needs Literacy Tutor Volunteers

Literacy Tutors Needed!!

Job Title: Volunteer Tutors

Reports to: Literacy Council of Washington County Office Administrator


  • Fluency in English
  • Completion of one 2-day Tutor Training Workshop. Next workshop is Saturday, September 29 and October 6, 2018For more information please contact Becky Hein at becky4lit@msn.com
  • Patience, empathy, dependability, promptness, friendly, optimistic, enthusiasm, dedication, humor, flexibility, cultural sensitivity, and a strong desire to help a stranger
  • Capacity to submit tutoring hours, prep/travel time, and student updates to Administrator each month
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality


  • Provide encouragement and support by:
  • Helping student develop confidence and a positive attitude toward learning by affirming his/her thinking and progress in the lesson
  • Showing respect for the student by listening to what he/she has to say and by involving him/her in decisions about the learning process
  • Selecting materials and approaches that are suitable to the student’s skill level and needs, and giving praise whenever the student is successful
  • Encouraging the student to respond to difficult materials by being supportive rather than critical of his/her mistakes
  • Seeking to understand the psychological, emotional and physical problems that may cause a student to have difficulty learning English and adapting to American culture and society
  • Be well prepared for each lesson and give the student lessons designed for him/her as an individual
  • Review with the student the work he/she has done independently
  • Keep records of the student’s progress
  • Report to the Office Administrator monthly on student progress and any changes in name/address/phone


  • Increased knowledge of the English language
  • Learning about other people, increased understanding and appreciation of different lifestyles, values and cultural orientations
  • Increased skills in creative problem solving
  • Sense of accomplishment from helping another person improve their life and achieve his/her goals.
  • Improve the community as they become employable and English speakers