Our Story

logo-topNational research shows the growing need for a more educated workforce to fill tomorrow’s jobs. According to Lumina Foundation, within the next ten years, 60% of U.S. citizens will need a two year college degree or higher, or an advanced vocational certificate for the United States to be competitive in a high-tech global economy. Washington County only has estimated 32.5% of its population with these educational or vocational training levels (United States 42.1%, Maryland 48.6%). Based on our average annual growth rate over the last five years, Washington County would have less than 40% of its population at this level by 2025.

OnTrack is a coalition of independent community partners focused on improving the educational attainment levels of Washington County residents, in order to strengthen our local economy and improve our community’s quality of life. A variety of educational, business, philanthropic, and civic leaders began meeting in January 2015. Together they plan to create a “cradle to career” support system, empowering citizens to acquire the educational or vocational training necessary for lifelong success and craft a strategy to educate the public on the need for an educational movement in our community. With significant input from community stakeholders and based on local and national research and data, the role of OnTrack is to:

  • Facilitate a community vision and agenda for college and career readiness
  • Define and articulate the educational and vocational challenges facing the community
  • Establish shared measurements and local benchmarks for college and career readiness and advance evidence-based decision making among stakeholder organizations
  • Encourage and facilitate collaborations and strategic action designed to address our educational and vocational challenges

To learn more, contact OnTrack at (301) 733-8811 or info@greaterhagerstown.org.