Get Children Ready for Kindergarten!

Children reading books

If you have children in your family who will be entering kindergarten in the near future, make sure they get off to a great start! Here are helpful tips on kindergarten readiness from OnTrack of Washington County.

By improving access to quality early childhood education, more of our children can enter kindergarten with the foundational knowledge, skills and behaviors that allow them to fully participate and succeed in school.

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The track record shows Pre-K is one of the most effective ways to prepare children to enter kindergarten ready to succeed.

Look here for more information on WCPS free full-day Pre-K and Preparing for Kindergarten.


  1. Read, read, read!: Read with your child daily (beginning at infancy) to develop necessary language and literacy skills.
  2. Model social skills: Skills such as sharing, taking turns, seeking adult help when needed, using positive words, and managing anger.
  3. Practice counting and number recognition: Count aloud as you swing, walk upstairs, etc., and take time daily to count objects like your child’s snack, toys, and other items to promote number sense. Point out numbers in public places and at home. Teach your child to count to 20 or more.
  4. Build self-esteem!: Praise your child often. His/her brain is still growing, and all the positive words you instill will be a great encouragement to your child.
  5. Teach basic writing: Teach your child how to write his/her first name and other simple words.
  6. Exercise fine motor skills: Give your child many opportunities to use their fine motor skills such as holding a pencil, coloring, zipping and buttoning, and cutting with scissors.
  7. Practice letter and sound recognition: After practicing letter and sound recognition, look for those letters and the sounds they make in the books you are reading.
  8. Teach your child responsibility skills: Examples include cleaning up messes, dressing themselves, getting their own snacks, and other self-help skills.
  9. Talk with your child daily: This helps him/her develop a great vocabulary.
  10. Explore and observe: Allowing your child to interact with nature is a natural fit for giving him/her opportunities to explore and observe their environment.
  11. Play, play, play!: Play is a developmentally appropriate way for children to grow and learn. Play with your child, and allow your child to play with others.

Antietam Broadband has partnered with OnTrack, a coalition of community partners focused on creating an educational movement and network of support for Washington County residents from cradle to career. The goal is to empower citizens to acquire the educational and/or career credentialing training necessary for lifelong success.

Learn Today. Succeed Tomorrow.